ISOFRR holds annual meetings to promote the exchange of information, professional education, and to foster research.

Forthcoming meetings and events:

במהלך פברואר יתקיים באילת כנס אילנית

10th ILANIT/FISEB Conference February 20-23, 2023

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המושבים של האגודה שלנו במסגרת כנס זה יתקיימו בתאריכים ובשעות הבאים

  1.  Advances in chemical biology to uncover how to flip the (redox) switch in cells. In collaboration with the Israel Society for Biochemistry and   Molecular Biology.

 Date: Tuesday,      21.2.23,     Session time: 9-10:45

Invited Speakers: Elah Pick, Moran Benhar, Einav Gross

Short talk Presenters: Dana Reichman, Yosef Fichman, Aya Darawsha

  1. Diabetes and the metabolic syndrome – the redox point of view. In collaboration with the Israel Society for Diabetes.

              Date: Wednesday, 22.2.23,   Session time: 15-16:45

Invited Speakers: Tovit Rosenzweig, Rachel Nechushtai, Andrew Levy

Short talk Presenters: Roza Izgilov, Nadav Kislev, Yael Shahar

Antioxidants  כנס בחסות העיתון

“The First International Conference on Antioxidants: Sources, Methods, Health Benefits and Industrial Applications”,

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פרטים לגבי הכנסים המאורגנים ע”י האגודה הארופאית

Society for Free Radical Research  Europe

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פרטים לגבי הכנסים המאורגנים ע”י

The Society For Redox Biology and Medicine – SFRBM

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